Pads, vitamins, and other subs


Have you ever forced your partner into the Duane Reade run of shame in a frantic effort to purchase tampons before work? You’re not the only one… I’m a culprit of this too (and not just once). Why is it that we only remember to purchase more of something once we reach the very last contact lens or bit of floss? And why is it always in minus 10 degree weather, a snow day, or a scene out of The Day After Tomorrow? If you’re single, and not at all pleased with the freezing temps either, subjecting some poor stranger from Postmates to pick up the necessary also counts…


You might be familiar with Netflix or Spotify, but have you heard of Quip or Hubble? The subscription world as we know it has always focused around entertainment—whether that’s binge watching your favorite tv show or streaming the latest tunes at the gym. But what if I told you that razors could be a subscription too—that you could leave out the toothpaste from your shopping cart and instead add it to your virtual one.

There are a whole tribe of brands that are exploding on this model—to provide consumers with products once a month, or once every three months depending on its frequency of use, which they calculate—no thinking on your end required. And that’s exactly why I consider this method a blessing in disguise (as you won’t ever have to think about purchasing everyday products again). Out of sight, out of mind. When considering signing up for a subscription, you’re actually making a conscious decision to declutter your mind from monotonous tasks that don’t need to be on your agenda. Oh and btw—it isn’t just more convenient, it’s actually cheaper too. So why wouldn’t you give it a go?

The below selection of subscriptions are based on my desire to introduce ease and exceptional packaging into the lives of others:


Hubble provides quality contact lenses at an affordable price, delivered straight to your doorstep each month. 
*i’ve always been afraid of contact lenses, but Hubble makes me want to give them a go.


Personalized daily vitamin packs for your health goals and diet, made from the best ingredients, shipped to you each month. 
*one too many times have I gotten to the bottom of the barrel and wished I had more vitamin C as I was on the edge of getting sick.


Get Harry’s German engineered blades and shaving cream online for a fair price.
*anything that Emily Weiss is into, I’m into.


Quip was founded to prove that good design would have a bigger impact on oral health than quick fix gimmicks. They promise to help simplify your teeth care, save you money, and provide you with proper dental advice. 
*ever since visiting their pop-up on West Broadway, I have been obsessed with this company. Their general brand aesthetic reminds me of Apple, and I love Apple.


100% organic cotton tampons delivered straight to your door—they’ve got you covered.
*Lola sponsored in Goop health. That’s all (Miranda Presley tone).

Disclaimer: the only thing you need to remember to do is subscribe, and maybe pay your credit card bill…

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