5 gems from Gwyneth Paltrow’s In goop Health summit


The third installation of In goop Health took place earlier this month at 3Labs in Culver City, Los Angeles. It saw 600 like-minded individuals in Native flip flops eager to explore radical forward-thinking on both emotional and physical health—methods that can be perceived as quite alternative to the western world. Among the sessions held, and in addition to the panels, were freakishly spot on human design one-on-ones, chakra cleansings, aerial yoga, B-12 shots, massages, facials, breath work, meditations, and crystal readings. This was my second time at a goop summit and it did not disappoint—here are five of my findings from the 11-hour day.


Curiosity is something people ignore in life because they hand it over to the experts to work out. We don’t allow ourselves to be the authority and instead give up our power too easily.


It’s selfish to not love yourself. You will help no one if you don’t love yourself—It's imperative that we put our 'oxygen mask on first’.


In order to reawaken sensitivity and pleasure with your partner, you must find difference by either spending time away from each other or discovering separate interests.


Though there isn’t an ideal diet for everyone—most of the health experts throughout the day agreed that a diet connected to nature is recommended.


Cannabis has a bad stigma, but it can be extremely beneficial for people with epilepsy or other disorders. We were told about a young girl, around the age of ten, who's turrets seizures went from hundreds per day to one per week by using cannabis. There are 104 cannabinoids, but the two most well-known are THC (psychoactive/has abuse potential) and CBD (non-psychoactive/does not have abuse potential).

FussJessica Preston