Fuss Fridays: a fortnightly list of essentials


Say hello to Fuss Fridays! Inspired by Tim Ferriss, I'm sharing with you five essentials that I’ve been obsessing over.

Sweetbitter. Based on the novel by Stephanie Danler—22-year-old Tess escapes her suburban roots for Manhattan and lands a job as a waiter in a high-end restaurant. But soon enough, she is hit with the harsh realities and intoxicating nature of New York.

The goop Podcast—A Women’s Work Utopia featuring Audrey Gelman. Audrey is the co-founder and CEO of The Wing—a women’s only co-working and community space in New York and DC, that is aggressively expanding to San Francisco, West Hollywood, London, Toronto, Seattle, and Chicago. When The Wing first opened in the fall of 2016, Audrey had no way of knowing that it would quickly become swept up in a larger movement around women’s rights, and the popularity that would surround it.


Gjusta. I’m visiting LA next month and making a list of places I wish to visit. One of which happens to be Gjusta—an artisanal bakery-deli hybrid in Venice that offers specialty breads and goods in a warehouse-like space.

Yvon Chouinard founded Patagonia in 1973—the outdoor clothing brand that focuses on lasting rather than growing. Patagonia has a lifetime guarantee and uses environmentally-friendly materials that can be recycled into other garments. It is no surprise that Chouinard believes in owning fewer but really good things. Patagonia has the largest garment repair center in North America, repairing every single piece of clothing, no matter the age! They’re extremely committed to customers owning their product forever—a rarity these days with the average consumer replacing their iPhone once a year. You can get Chouinard’s iconic book Let My People Go Surfing here.

Pana Chocolate Sour Cherry & Vanilla. Made free from dairy, soy, gluten, and added sugar, Pana Chocolate's guilt free chocolate bars are delicious and insanely addictive. This particular flavor is made from 50% raw cacao, with sour cherries and vanilla bean. It regulates metabolism and encourages circulation of blood. Each bar contains six squares making it perfect for portion control... though don't hold me accountable for eating the whole damn thing! It's that good!

Jessica Inci