whathefuss is a minimalist lifestyle platform dedicated to eliminating complexities and focusing on essentials. Founded by Jessica Preston, the site celebrates all things uncomplicated—to explore the existential parade of life.

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Success to me means being creatively fulfilled—to be inspired and inspire others, to learn and grow, to create and contribute, to discover new possibilities and be part of something significant. I have always viewed design as a tool and a conduit to connect with people; a lens for seeing other things, and a means of communication for some other application.

With a deep affinity for minimalism, I launched whathefuss while living and working in New York City, in an effort to share my interpretation; to explore ways in which we can all live a less complicated life and enjoy a more meaningful existence. Minimalism plays a vital role in my personal aesthetic and is essential to my design process—I have a daily uniform, own no make-up, and avoid contributing to landfill wherever possible.

I am curious, passionate, optimistic and driven by a multitude of topics and find that I constantly refer to these to guide my design—to cross pollenate concepts, eras and genres to create new mutations and hybrids. Bringing aspects of past culture together to anticipate and create the future.

— Jessica Preston